Diary of EMIN Awareness Raising Tour:

26 February 2019

Diary of EMIN Awareness Raising Tour: An electronic diary of the tour, with stories from the trip, photos and key messages coming from the journey can be accessed here: To turn pages click corners of document or use shift keys. To know more see EMIN2 Final Report. Read about key developments…
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EMIN BUS TOUR: thank you!!

1 July 2018

Now that our EMIN buses have finally come back home in Belgium and the crew has left its dear vehicles full of signatures, let’s take the opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful journey: the many volunteers, the international crew on the bus…
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EMIN Bus Tour – The day after

29 June 2018

A reflection at the end of the EMIN BUS awareness raising tour. Later there will be time to check, to analyse further, to go deeper in the reflection and develop a more collective response. But this reflection is made while the tour is still fresh in our minds. EMIN Bus…
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Amazing! How wonderful it was to see the 2 EMIN buses united again. 66 days later, 32 countries later, a gazillion experiences later, the 2 EMIN buses got together yesterday in Brussels, the city of departure and home coming! It feels truly impossible to exchange and share all our stories.…
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DAY 65, BUS 2: The way back to Brussels

28 June 2018

An overnight stop in Venlo, Netherlands, to break the journey back to Brussels. The representative from the Trade Union in Aabenraa asked an interesting question, ‘when and why did we stop trusting people who receive social assistance?’. Trust is central to creating adequate, accessible and enabling minimum income schemes. Trust…
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DAY 64, BUS 2: Aabenraa

27 June 2018

The last stop on our #eminbus tour before heading back to Brussels was in Aabenraa, Denmark. The numbers of people who passed by was low, but the SAND volunteers did a great job going around the town and getting people to come to the bus. In the afternoon we had…
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Day 64, Bus 1: Oostende

26 June 2018

(Nl) (Fr) With bus 1 we had an extra day of traveling and meetings in Oostende today, even though, strictly spoken, we had already arrived home on Friday. This pre-welcome home party was a very heart warming event! The Belgian EMIN network had planned a morning session of discussion with…
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DAY 63, BUS 2: Aarhus

In Aarhus the bus was parked on Raadhuspladsen, in front of City Hall, During the stay I heard three interesting and revealing stories from minimum income recipients. The first had work experience, high levels of education and now in order to receive her social assistance payment, worked 35 hours a…
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DAY 62, BUS 2: Saxildstrand

24 June 2018

Today was a rest day in the centre at Saxildstrand. During much of the #eminbus trip there was a need to explain the difference between the concepts of ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ and ‘Universal Basic Income’. Rather than first concentrating on the difference, in EMIN we prefer to concentrate on the…
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Our last visit in the Czech Republic was very different from the events in Ostrave and Prague. We went to Hřebeny (Hartenberg), a small village near the border dividing the Czech Republic and Germany. The village harbors the castle Hartenberg,  The beautiful landscape contrasts with the name of the castle:…
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