DAY 61, BUS 2: Copenhagen and Saxildstrand

24 June 2018

Today we were back on Raadhuspladsen, in front of City Hall from 10.00 to 12.00. It was a surprise when the representative of the Ministry in Spain, who is organising our September meeting in Madrid on the theme of Active Inclusion, called by the bus. It was a good reminder…
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DAY 60, BUS 2: Copenhagen

23 June 2018

On day 60 we were parked at Raadhuspladsen, in front of City Hall. We had a steady flow of people to the #eminbus, Danish and visitors. There were many American and Canadian visitors who were very interested to know about the bus tour.  One visitor from Canada told us about…
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DAY 59, BUS 2: Transfer to Copenhagen

21 June 2018

After twelve thousand kilometres on this bus, we arrive in Copenhagen and the last country for our #eminbus tour, before returning to Brussels. An issue that has been highlighted through the tour is the ‘commercialisation’ and the ‘privatisation’ of public spaces. Places we think of as public may not be…
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DAY 58, BUS 1: Praha

Under a scorching sun we went campaigning at the Mala Strana square, close to the Czech parliament. We were joined by the team of Byd Let Zit, an initiative that promotes decent housing for all. Maria Dobra and Martina Veverkova explained to us that in Czechia there is hardly any…
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DAY 58, BUS 2: Oslo

The surprises continue at the #eminbus. Today the tall versions of the Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, and the leader of the opposition Labour Party,  Jonas Gahr Støre, turned up to sign the bus. It may just be in time, while social insurance provides good protections in Norway, investment in the…
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DAY 57, BUS 2: Transfer to Oslo

20 June 2018

After an all to brief stay in Sweden it was time to make the journey to Oslo. At the edge of the city Dag, one of the Norwegian team, was waiting for us on his vespa and guided us through the evening rush hour traffic to our parking space outside…
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This morning we moved from Ostrava to Praha, a journey of around 400 km from east to west Czechia. The capital seems to be in a sunny mood and whilst the bus was driving along the Moldau, we saw that the tourist season has already taken off. Our first stop…
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19 June 2018

Music. Music. Music. In Ostrava yesterday. The bus was still parked next to the shopping mall, as it was ‘rest day’ for the bus. No rest day for the team though!  To attract the attention of the people passing by, the Czech network invited several groups and musicians. Some of…
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DAY 56, BUS 2: Stockholm

Today our #eminbus was parked at Saint Clara Church, right in the centre of Stockholm. It was clear it was a familiar contact point for people experiencing poverty and exclusion in the city. Music at the bus was provided by Lasse Wikstrand who writes and sings songs about his experience…
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18 June 2018

Second day in Ostrava. Although it is a Sunday, we decided to go to a shopping center to advocate for the right to a decent minimum income. Whilst we are collecting signatures for our petition, we often learn about the reality of ordinary people here in the Czech Republic. Although…
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