DAY 11, BUS 2: Santaigo de Compostela

4 May 2018

Very busy day today in Santiago. The #eminbus was part of a great Fair Ground, set up in a beautiful park close to the heart of the old city. We were in danger of filling all the signature space on the bus, as people queued to sign. As well as many local people, there were student exchange groups (Santiago-Munich), lots of pilgrims who had completed the Camino, and many of the fair ground workers were also happy to sign.  

The day opened with a civic reception, Arturo Parrado, the General Director for Social Inclusion of the Autonomous Regional Government of Galicia, welcomed the EMIN bus to the city. He congratulated all involved in EMIN  for their efforts to build a more social and more just Europe. There was great media coverage including a programme on Radio Galicia.

The theme of today, was breaking down false myths in relation to minimum income and to people who experience poverty. A participation workshop built a wall of false claims made about people on benefits, they then stuck all these false claims on their bodies and symbolically shredded them when they reached the bus. The participation of large numbers of young people was a highlight of today.