DAY 19, BUS 2: Transfer to Perpignan

12 May 2018

Today we left Spain and travelled the long road back to France. A big thanks to all the colleagues in Spain for all the work to make such a successful visit of the #eminbus. It was really great to get the chance to know a bit better the colleagues in the regional Networks. I hope the visit of the bus gives some courage to keep up the great work you are all doing.

It was a great experience at the three stops, which were each very different from the other. However the common message about a Spanish framework was very clear. It was also an interesting reflection that the crisis by bringing other people to need Minim Income Schemes, has gone some way to lessen the stigma associated to Minimum Income. I found the visit in Talavera very inspiring, it was great to meet Arrillo and to hear this experience. Of course it was great to hear plans to strengthen the Minimum Incomes by the Regional Government. I also appreciated the message delivered strongly that we need to include the fight against discrimination in our campaign to ensure Roma, ethnic minorities, and other groups who experience discrimination can have good access to the schemes right across Europe. In this regard please also see the message from #AnastasiaCrickley, Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination  at this link

Today the time on the bus of our good friend, volunteer, interpreter, tour guide and ‘salesperson for the EMIN message’ #JavierPerezGarcia was up. But I know his determination to achieve progress in the minimum income schemes will continue. A big thanks Javier.