Day 20 Bus 1: Sicily

14 May 2018

Arrival in Sicily at an early hour: at 6 am the ship entered the harbour of Palermo. We had to leave Laura in the city, to pick up other colleagues who arrive tomorrow in Palermo. With the rest of the team we continued our journey, to reach the south of Sicily and the lovely town of Modica, in the province of Noto. The trip was splendid with a view on mount Etna most of the time.

In Modica our host, Fabio Sammito, from Caritas Noto, welcomed us in a region that is known as friendly territory, since the maffia doesn’t have much influence here. He introduced us in the social situation of the town and the broader region. Useless to say that there is a lot of poverty here, the perspectives to find a good job for young people are scarce. That is why many youngsters leave the region to study and work in the north of Italy or abroad. At the same time, the public administrations that are supposed to direct people to the right services to get the support they need, very often act in a bureacratic way, without consulting with other services who are in contact with the same clients. What is really needed here, said Fabio, is genuine community work with the vulnerable population in parts of the town. Caritas has started a brand new project in the 90ties in a building that was abandonned and rebuilt wkith the help of many volunteers. The place is called ‘La casa di Don Puglisi’,  named after a famous priest killed by the maffia. The project brings together the different elements of support and the services that people need to put their lives back on track. This is the project we are going to visit once our friends have arrived from Palermo. More news in the coming days