Day 21 – Bus 1 – Sicily

16 May 2018

Two reinforcements to the EMIN Bus team arrived in Palermo: Claudia, from the EAPN team in Brussels and Steve, a musician from Paris. Benvenuti Claudia and Steve, how great to have you on board!

Well, we had told them it was all going to be a bit of an adventure and they certainly got a dollop of that on their first day. A train journey to join the EMIN bus in Modica on the other side of the island near the Southern coast, turned into two slow trains across beautiful countryside and towns we couldn’t pronounce. We were so delayed that we missed the last possible train to our destination that day. All in all, it wasn’t looking good for the new recruits and the plans to inject some musical magic into the EMIN programme in Modica the next day. Some nail biting later, a lady at information in the train station suddenly waived us towards a taxi outside. Thankfully for us, it is the policy of the Sicilian Train company to get you to your destination no matter what. We drove for two hours across more beautiful pastel coloured countryside to our destination. Whilst Claudia chatted to the taxi driver about the EMIN campaign, Steve and I got started on an initial playlist to take the main square by busking storm the next day. We were ready for Modica!