Day 22 bus 1: Modica Sicily

16 May 2018

At today’s celebration of the region of Sicily, we started our campaign in piazza Matteotti, the central square in Modica. Steve played the guitar and Laura was singing, and the music immediately brought a good atmosphere on the piazza. Even when not all people were confident about all the messages we brought with us, the central idea of the right to a decent income came across well with young people who told us they feel the need for income support to make the transition from education to work, and with older people who told us they can’t live of their low pensions.

In the afternoon, we visited the projects Caritas is running in Modica. La Casa di Don Puglisi accompanies women with children who have been sent  to the house by the court, to get their lives back on track. Life in la Casa is that of a big family where children go to school, mothers learn how to bake focaccia and make chocolate, and they cook and share a table. We were especially fascinated by a project called ‘Crisci Ranni’, a Sicilian expression that stems from an old tradition at Easter, when parents threw their children in the air, wishing them ‘to grow up big’. In an abandoned area, Crisci Ranna works with young and vulnerable generations, helping them to grow up, become capable to confront the difficulties of life and the injustices in society, whilst still looking up and keeping their heads high in self-confidence. Crisci Ranna organizes after-school activities, reaches out to schools to help the youngsters to find their place in the community and works with children and their families when they are in difficulty. The city of Modica, unfortunately, took back a big part of the area Crisci Ranni used to cultivate city gardens, because of some vague plan for urban development with European funds. Today the place is still an urban wilderness, even if the siringes are now gone…

Even if these projects were about much more than the right to a decent income, we felt like we met real ‘soul mates’ here in Modica. We are grateful to have learnt much, but there was so much more still to discover!

Quote of the day: “Se ogniuno fa qualcosa, alora possiamo fare molto” (if everybody does something, together we can do a lot).