Day 26, Bus 1: Journey to Greece

20 May 2018

After a fantastic program in Malta it was finally time to take the road on the longest journey Bus 1 will take between stops, Malta – Greece. We leave behind some colleges in Malta, who have come to an end of their journey on board the EMIN bus, and will collect a new team in Athens.

We passed through the mountainous landscapes of Sicily, crossing the Messina Straight by ferry, then making our way right from the southern tip of mainland Italy, to the ferry port of Bari, where we boarded our 7th ferry of the trip, to Igoumenitsa Greece. This is the last ferry Bus 1 will take, and all on-board are delighted about this. Ferry ports can be confusing and chaotic places. But the bus is now safely on-board, and we will now sleep before waking up very early tomorrow, in the northern countryside of Greece.