DAY 31, BUS 2: Eindhoven, Netherlands

25 May 2018

One month into the journey and we are parked in the ‘city of light’, Eindhoven (Philipstown). The bus was perfectly positioned on, 18 September Plein, which commemorates the end of World War 2. It is good to remember that out of that great tragedy a new conviction and determination was born, to have better democracies, of which our social security systems was one of the crowning achievements. Out of this experience also emerged our European Union, determined to live through dialogue and common rules and to avoid the catastrophic impact of wars.  

We were joined at the #eminbus by a great team of Dutch Volunteers and every one of them was needed to interact and gain support from the passers-by on the busy square. The ‘good problem’ we have now is that space is quickly running out for signing the bus.

We had or first evening workshop in Eindhoven. Haiku (a Japanese discipline to capture in 3 phrases (with the rhythm 5,7,5 syllables) a key message or insight was an interesting method used to focus the workshop.

Today our English/Irish volunteer and video maker, Jonny, returned home to Brussels.  Thanks for taking part.