DAY 41, BUS 2: Łódź

4 June 2018

Day two in Poland and we travelled from Wrocław to Łódź. We had a total fun day on Piotrkowska street, right in the heart of the city. A great number of talented musicians and singers gave a great concert on the street all afternoon.  Table tennis and chess also attracted a lot of people to the bus.

In between there was time to tell about the #eminbus and the situation with minimum income in Poland. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, President of the ‘Supreme Audit Office of Poland’, gave a particularly important input in relation to the need to improve the quality of the Minimum Income Scheme in Poland and emphasized the problem of the non-take-up of the Minimum Income Scheme. All the while there was a steady flow of people delighted to sign the bus and the petition.

Łódź has experienced a great decline in its manufacturing industries and the impact in terms of poverty is clearly present in the city.  Łódź is also a city with a rich cultural tradition particularly in relation to cinema and many famous film directors emerged from the cinema schools here. This cultural strength is a great source for renewal in the city.

For our accommodation we were hosted in a rehabilitation centre for ex-addicts run by MONAR association. After a meet and get to know each other session, we were treated to a great barbecue cooked by the residents and a chance for more informal conversations.