DAY 42, BUS 2: Łódź – Olsztyn

5 June 2018

Day three in Poland started with interviews in Radio Łódź, a great chance to spread the #eminbus message. Then we had an all too brief visit to the Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre, a centre which aims to popularize the achievements of different cultures and to promote the multicultural and multi-ethnic heritage of Łódź with a focus on Jewish culture.  It would be a dream come true to host an EAPN event at this centre someday.

After this we made the transfer to Olsztyn, travelling through rich agricultural lands and miles and miles of fruit farms. On arrival we had time for a quick meal with our hosts (Social Enterprise hostel of the Foodbank) before heading to the beach, at one of the many beautiful lakes that surround the city. This was the place for our evening programme. Local organisers had a large team of creative volunteers who enthusiastically engaged beach goers in discussions about our EMIN project. I had a memorable discussion with a guy who was very skeptical about decent minimum income schemes but who engaged for half an hour in genuine exchange. This is what the EMIN tour is about.