DAY 43, BUS 2: Olsztyn, transfer to Vilnius

6 June 2018

Our final day in Olsztyn began with a visit to the local foodbank. It is an impressive set up and operates in a very integrated way, combining three elements:

  • Distribution of food through a network of NGOs
  • Education on food waste and on nutrition
  • Activation measures to support participation in society and in work

Overcoming food waste (1/3 of all food produced is wasted) was emphasised as central to their mission. The scale and range of their interventions, the efforts to avoid stigmatisation, and their support for the development of social enterprises, was impressive. Support from the EU (ERDF and the ESF programmes) was important for the development of the work of the foodbanks.

The visit was followed by a press conference at the bus and an opportunity to spread the word about food waste and also the message of the #eminbus.

We then went to Olsztyn University where we had a seminar on ‘Social Work in Poland in times of transition’. The situation for elderly people and people with disabilities were highlighted during the seminar. EAPN Poland presented their proposals for how they would want to see the Minimum Income policies developed in Poland. The positive social and economic developments in Poland makes it the right time to see significant progress in relation to social standards in Poland.

Our visit to Poland ended with lunch in one of the day care centres operated with support from the Foodbank. It was then time to thank Kamilla and all her colleagues for the great visit in Poland. Then it was the long road to Lithuania where late in the night we were greeted by the colleagues in Vilnius.