Day 48 rest day in Budapest

11 June 2018

Rest day in Budapest. We used this day to digest all the contradictory impressions that we got from this beautiful country and its brave citizens. We feel gratefull for the experiences our Hungarian friends of the EMIN network have shown us in the past days and, without any doubt, we will see more tomorrow.

Budapest is also a fascinating city with a lot of contradictions: an impressive heritage that is highly appreciated by the many tourists that visit the city. At the same time, a real cosmopolitan city with all the problems associated with that status: mattresses of homeless people around train station areas, young people skating on ramps under bridges at major crossroads in the city. Life as it is in big cities.

In 1956, Imre Nagy, who was at that time prime minister of Hungary, declared that he wanted to lead his country to a society that is respecting human rights and that aims to improve the standard of living of the entire population.  Looking at his statute on Kossuth Tér, I wish this still is the ambition of the Hungarian parliament of today.