DAY 57, BUS 2: Transfer to Oslo

20 June 2018

After an all to brief stay in Sweden it was time to make the journey to Oslo. At the edge of the city Dag, one of the Norwegian team, was waiting for us on his vespa and guided us through the evening rush hour traffic to our parking space outside the Munch museum.  

There we were greeted by Nina Sandberg, Member of Parliament from the Labour Party. She drew attention to the relatively high social standards in Norway but said warning signs of growing child poverty and inequality need to be addressed. She said maintaining and building good quality employment is key to maintaining social standards but that it may also need to consider how to have better universal access to social schemes. We then made a brief presentation of the #eminbus and had information about the area where the bus is parked. It is an area where many migrants live and while the flats have been refurbished often they are too small for the families that live there.

Then it was time to visit one of the islands in the harbour for an evening barbeque and a chance o relax with the Norwegian EMIN team.