DAY 59, BUS 2: Transfer to Copenhagen

21 June 2018

After twelve thousand kilometres on this bus, we arrive in Copenhagen and the last country for our #eminbus tour, before returning to Brussels.

An issue that has been highlighted through the tour is the ‘commercialisation’ and the ‘privatisation’ of public spaces. Places we think of as public may not be public! and even when public, in many countries commercial companies ‘manage’ the public spaces with a business model rather than as a place for people to exchange. In many instances and in many cities and towns we visited, the result is that the prominent public spaces are reserved for those who can pay the most. This contributes to the further marginalisation of social concerns and the silencing of public discourse.

It’s another example of the inequalities that are eroding our societies. Leading to a situation where we are in danger of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.  Reclaiming the public space for the public good is essential to achieve more social, just and equal societies which is the ultimate aim of the EMIN tour.

Poster from Riga: Titles – Dialogue and Political Animal