Day 7-Bus 2: Cessenon sur Orb

30 April 2018

Todays programme was organised by the association of rural families. A round table discussion was held in the village of Cessenon sur Orb, in the Languedoc wine region. Better integration between the different services of the different pubic administrations was seen as crucial. So the organisers were delighted to have present the Mayors of two towns and a high level representative of the ‘Department’ – the level of Government between the communes and the administrative in France.

Examples were given on the use of micro-credit in the area to ensure access to essential gods and services for people on low incomes.  This was piloted by local organisations and now has some support from the administration.  The issue of the delay in access to supports and services was raised and that this can quickly lead to demotivation. The call was to implement the Minimum Income Schemes in a way that encourages people to engage in creative solutions to the problems faced in the region.  Demands were also made to ensure EU Funds (ESF and CAP) reaches small groups, encourages local development and leads to greater equality.

Quote of the day:  “We are all EMIN”

The session ended with a feast of local music, dancing and food. People expressed great satisfaction that the Bus came to their area.