DAY 9, BUS 2: Gijon – Spain

2 May 2018


Huge turn out of high level representatives of Regional and City administrations, political parties, media and local organisations in Gijon today.  The key issues raised was the problem of the lost of minimum income rights when you move between regions in Spain. People who take up work in another region can easily loose their right to minimum income if that job falls through.  There was a call for a Spanish and European framework law to coordinate minimum income schemes to over come the problems associated to mobility.

Quote of the day: “The system as it works now acts as a prison to prevent people from trying to improve their situation” #Javier Perez Garcia

The question of distribution and re-distribution was also strongly raised. Tax justice, fighting tax havens and over coming tax avoidance has to be a top political priority.

It was also stressed that the ambition for Minimum Income Schemes must be that they prevent people from entering into poverty,  as well as supporting people in poverty. Schemes that you can only access when your in poverty will be poor quality schemes. In the context of the changing world of work, minimum income schemes will play an important role to facilitate transitions, making it clearer that such schemes have to be for everybody, when they need them, and for as long as they need them.

There was a great presence of Roma at todays events, reminding that to ensure access to Minimum Income Schemes we must also tackle discrimination and prejudice.