Great launch of the EMIN Bus Tour!

24 April 2018

Today, at the European Parliament, the EMIN partners, together with experts by experience, Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, Mairead McGuinness, (Vice President European Parliament), more than 20 civil society organisations, Monseigneur Luc Van Looy (Bishop of Gent and President of Caritas Europe), Heikki Huttunen, General Secretary, Council of European Churches  …., many members of the European Parliament, Axelle Red, and many other supporters… celebrated the launch of the EMIN bus tour. The warm tunes of the legendary musicians Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Oisin Walsh-Peelo and Tezca gave the launch an extra festive tint!

Now the EMIN buses are on the road, and will travel to 32 Countries, for 64 days, over 120 events ! We will talk to people in big cities and small villages, collect support for adequate, accessible minimum income schemes, and bring support to people longing and fighting for a real social Europe.

Fintan Farrell, EMIN Project Manager: “The EMIN bus journey is a journey to promote real democracy. A democracy that can deliver the maximum good for the maximum number of people. Guaranteed access to decent income through accessible minimum income schemes is the base on which we can build such a democracy. In cash based societies, anything short of this exposes people to intolerable risks”.

Alias Onyadon, Expert by Experience: increasing social minimums to an adequate level would have a real impact on the daily life of people experiencing poverty and on society. Especially in the current context of failure of policies to fight against poverty, we need an increase in social investment more than ever.

Gabriele Bischoff, EESC: Minimum Income Schemes, this rich continent can not only afford it but needs it if we want to continue the European dream.  This journey can create a wave which should come back and swamp the new European Commission and Parliament

The first stops on the programme are Namur and Lille, on 25 April, then the buses will continue their journey across Europe. We collect signatures on the bus, and highlight our online petition.

See here our photo album. Keep on following us, please join us, and enjoy our stories!

See here a short video of the Launch Ceremony.