2 Buses, 32 Countries, 64 days, over 120 programmes and over a thousand volunteers are arranged to build awareness of the importance for the whole society of adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes (MIS). 

The EMIN BUS JOURNEY is campaigning for Guaranteed Minimum Income  Schemes across Europe.

It is a road trip for income support schemes that are easily accessible, for everybody who needs them, for as long as they need them, enough to live a life in dignity and fully participate in society and adapted to the cost of living in every European country.

2 EMIN buses are travelling across Europe to build and show support for Guaranteed MIS, to gather and support people aiming for Social Europe. The buses have several stops in all the countries, where events and activities are organised by the National EMIN Networks.

This bus tour is part of a bigger project, organised by the European Minimum Income Network.